4 Reasons 1000’s of Dog Owners Ditched Their Old Tags For The Chippit ID

Chippit’s New ID Tags are your superpower to ensure your pet is never lost again and keeping your peace of mind. Say goodbye to your not so super, supermarket pet tag. We created the most advanced tag yet to ensure a swift, safe return for your furry friend with Chippit ID.

1. Save money buying less tags that break

We created a new process that allows a QR code to be precisely and permanently engraved on solid stainless steel tags. Don’t worry about having to buy a new tag from cheap plastic breaking. Make a Chippit ID the last pet tag you ever buy.

2. Simple to set up and use

Scan Chippit ID with any smartphone without the need for an app. This makes returning your pet happen in an instant. Setup is quick and simple, taking only a couple minutes to complete.

3. A feature that could save your pet

We made it so extremely quick and easy to update the information that you now have the superpower of being able to update the tag from anywhere EVEN after your pet has been lost. Protect your pet with the best today, don’t let them be lost ever again.

4. GPS alerts to make pickup fast

As soon as the tag is scanned, receive the live location of the finder to coordinate the return of your furry friend. You will be texted with the Lost Pet Alert to pickup or share the alert to allow a friend or family member to bring your pet back home.

Chippit ID is the fastest way to get your pet back safely.

Made from materials that will last a lifetime, you save money and frustration buying new tags. Keep updated information at all times to ensure your pet is not alone when they need you most. No app needed, no hidden subscriptions, simply the best way to have peace of mind.